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 Colleen Vistara

 Intuitive Energy Guide & Multi-dimensional Artist

A Fusion of many wisdom paths. A consummate Lover of Consciousness,

a life-long devotee to: Who am I?  &  How do we? access Our Brilliance both individually AND collectively.

  What are the sustainable elegant ways of BEing A Mind, Body AND Spirit on Planet Earth?

This Trinity has served as a powerful map for understanding myself over the last 50 yrs.

I started this quest at a young age and continue to be thirsty everyday.

Growing up in a small rural town, I was nurtured with wholeness. Almost everything was perfectly intact and I felt extremely SAFE as a child. I tell you this because I've come to learn over my years of studying human behavior that this weighs significantly on our development as adults.

In today's modern world, the emotional rug has been pulled out from under most humans.  

We now understand that unresolved trauma inhibits our growth AND that by releasing it,

WE reclaim Our Power as Pure Energy Beings.


2020 is heralding in a new era of Clarity, Courage and Commitment

to stand fully in our relationship with Energy Itself. 

JOIN in the Awakening of the New Human on the New Earth within the Noosphere.  

Energy Journey Sessions will be available soon.

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