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Re-pattern with Clarity, Creativity & Commitment


A Fusion of many wisdom paths. A consummate Lover of Consciousness,

a life-long devotee to: Who am I?  &  How do we access Our Brilliance?

  What are the sustainable elegant ways of BEing in a body on Planet Earth?

This has been my quest for over 50 yrs.

My explorations and accomplishments include: growing up in a small rural town, sprints thru large metros (they scare me) and a deep love affair with Nature that takes my breath away!

Yoga: Kundalini, Shakti and Bhakti are my jam: 3 paths that teach Energy Awareness, Fluidity and Love.

Which leads to my Ultra~deep LOVE of Water. Mermaid, am I. Fully admit it.

Here it gets interesting.... Neptune in the first house of 8 degree YIN Scorpio.

In human terms: Intuitive, creative, deeply sensitive AND PROUD OF IT:)

Influential Teachers I'm ever so grateful for:

Gabrielle Roth~5 Rhythms, Emily Conrad~Continuum, Susan Aposhyn~ Naropa Somatics

Course of Miracles, Deepak Chopra, Richard Rudd, Music, Nature, Art.

Infinite Gratitude to the one and only Kip Chang Tzu who taught me how guys do LOVE,

my sister Eloise, the Electric Light Organism, my mermaid tribe of glorious divine feminine goddesses.

Needless to say, I questioned rural life in NE. 

It's been a curious journey towards the infamous Enlightened State of A Liberated Lifestyle.

My desire for freedom began at 16. I wanted out of the box, the institutionalized lifestyle

and into Living as Creative Intuitive Awareness.


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