Energy Awareness w/ Colleen Vistara

Daily Embodiment Practices



 Colleen Vistara
 MindBodySpirit Artist
Energy Awareness Guide

Ceremonial Adornment Designer 

A Fusion of many wisdom paths. A consummate Lover of Consciousness, and a life-long devotee to:

Who am I?  &  How do we? access Our Brilliance, both individually AND collectively.

What Elegant Regenerative Lifestyles can WE Create on Planet Earth?

Exploring & Embodying Our True Nature, I've discovered WE R Multidimensional EnergyBEings. 

SAY WHaaaat? Yes! WE R Energy, pure & simple.

Each of US carry out Life within 3 Vast Dimensions~

Mind, Body & Spirit.

Within these immensely varying worlds, that play upon one another, we swim. 

Balancing these 3 Aspects of Self, we SEE & experience

The Web of Life is Real. EveryOneThing IS Connected.

With Our New ENERGY Eyes,

WE get on with what we are here for. 

Nurturing our Creativity and Aligning with our HeartMind,

WE Cultivate Healthy Lifestyles in Harmony with Earth.

A Lover of MindBodySpirit, I practice/teach Energy Awareness thru Breath & Fluid Yoga movement.

A clothing/jewelry designer, I'm guided by Color & Harmony.

A humble student of singing and songwriting, I stumbled upon The Healing Power of Rhythm.

My passion is Living In Awareness & Walking the Sacred Path of Beauty. 

Though tumultuous, 2020 heralded in a new era of Clarity, Courage and Commitment

to emerge as Our True Nature.

BE the Awakening of A Renewed Human Kindness on This BlueGreen Planet Earth.  

Online Group Energy Journey Sessions coming soon.

Check Back!!!