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From Nebraska to Neptune I have journeyed!!! I grew up in a small rural farm town with lakes to swim in, wild animals to encounter, trees to climb and mud to roll in. I learned that the EARTH is my Physical Body's HOME. Yet my Curious Mind questioned tradition so I high tailed it to LA the day after my graduation & entered my "Get Schooled by Life" Era.

To cope with myself and to satiate my strong desire to Grow Spiritually I turned to Self Help, Metaphysical/Spiritual Books and Workshops. I've not stopped since:) Turns out my greatest passion of all is learning, growing and discovering new/old parts of myself, my ancestry and my future potential.

I've synthesized over 40 years of Wisdom Study & Practice into

my upcoming Course: Drum Roll pls!!!

The Life Energy Map

Learn to Design & Create your Life in Balance with Nature

On-line Course drops July 7

Discover the World of Wonder & Wisdom that is  U

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