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Embody your Creative Star 

Transmute Shadow Energy Effortlessly

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 Colleen Vistara

 Intuitive Energy Explorer * Multi-dimensional Artist

Creative~Somatic~Yoga Movement Guide

A Fusion of many wisdom paths. A consummate Lover of Consciousness, and a life-long devotee to:

Who am I?  &  How do we? access Our Brilliance, both individually AND collectively.

What are the sustainable elegant ways of BEing A Unified Mind, Body AND Spirit on Planet Earth?

Exploring this Trinity of Our True Nature has been my passion for over 50 years.

I've discovered that by Nurturing our Creativity and Aligning with our HeartMind,

WE Cultivate a Healthy Lifestyle.

A clothing/jewelry designer, Color & Harmony are my guides.

A lover of Body-based wisdom, I practice and teach Ecstatic Dance, Yoga and Energy Movement.

To empower my voice, I study music thru singing and songwriting.

My passion is experiencing the Wisdom and Beauty of Mother Nature.

My Deepest Exploration: As Energy Beings traveling across Infinity, we Dissolve, Merge & Re-form.

Why not practice & become aware of Our Super Powers!  


2020 is heralding in a new era of Clarity, Courage and Commitment

to emerge as Our True Nature.

BE the Awakening of A Renewed Human Kindness on The BlueGreen Planet Earth.  

Online Group Energy Journey Sessions coming soon.

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