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Breathe your way to Clarity, Commitment & Creativity


I Am a Fusion of many wisdom paths. A consummate Lover of Consciousness,

a life-long devotee to Who am I?  How do we access Our Brilliance?

  What are the sustainable elegant ways of Being in a body on Planet Earth?

Yes~ this is PE class! This Earth University IS Physical Education. We are here to learn the power and impact of our thoughts, words and actions upon our Body and Planet. Accepting accountability and claiming our vast potential to create is the main curriculum.  


Corona Virus has turned up the fire of willingness within us humans to change old

Piscean Ways. 2020 marks our 60th year into the Age of Aquarius. 

We are in the Full Swing of The Great Change of the Ages!  

I'm honored to share my Aquarian Lifestyle with you~ hope it inspires U to live yours!

A Yogini for over 30 years, I've studied & taught:

Yoga~ Energy Medicine~ Kundalini Shakti Meditation~ Somatic Fluid Movement

I'm on the home stretch of formulating my wisdom into

Vistara Energy Practice 

Exploratory Journeys for experiencing Our Bodies as Infinite Light

"We change our reality by Updating & Upgrading with Conscious Awareness." ~cv

Explore your self & world as Energy

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 Cultivate An Aquarian Lifestyle

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LIVE The VISION & Embody A Renewed Green Earth 

Cultivating Good Energy inside ourself is an on-going practice. 

Engaging Joyously and doing the work insures Our Brightness!

Vistara Energy Practice

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