Peace Collection

Cream Shanti Tunic
Cream Shanti Tunic $88.00
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Cream Rhythm Duster
Cream Rhythm Duster $128.00
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Twilight Tank Tunic
Twilight Tank Tunic $78.00
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Thermal Tunic
Thermal Tunic $68.00
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Flow Pant
Flow Pant $88.00
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Wave Yoga Pant
Wave Yoga Pant $78.00
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Cream Zen Wrap
Cream Zen Wrap $128.00
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Purification $225.00
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Moonstone Drop w/ Tanzanite
Moonstone Drop w/ Tanzanite $148.00
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Clothing and Jewelry to Ignite our inner & outer Radiance 





Light on BEauty

November 27, 2016

Vistara is devoted to the power and wisdom of BEauty (when you BE, you experience beauty). BE connected, BE tuned into energy, BE a loving presence in this world. There is a deep vast BEauty that lives beyond our swirling thoughts, and it is not affected by the outer world. It's a BEauty that shines in the stillness and listens to the silence of infinite awareness. This BEauty has the power to heal, balance and renew. We have the capacity to connect to this power and experience deep peace. Cultivate the Qualities of BEauty in your Thoughts and Actions Imagine something Beautiful. Think of one quality that comes to mind when you feel into this beautiful image. With your writing hand, spell...

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