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The 4 Life Energy Game Rules

For many moons, over 60 years of them:) I've been deeply curious and furiously on a quest to understand myself & life. One of the places I've studied is Indigenous Shamanic Wisdom. Here I discovered The Medicine Wheel in which I modeled The Life Energy Map after.

The Life Energy Map is:

1. A multidimensional navigation tool that symbolizes the container of All That Is.

2. A catalyst of Ancient Wisdom that applies directly to our modern day life..

3. A "map of the Mind" enabling us to come into an understanding of ourselves as individuals.

4. An interactive Direct Experience with Ourself thru Our Connection to Nature.

The following is an excerpt from The Four Fold Way by Angeles Arrien, one of my All time favorite Medicine Wheel resources.

1. Show Up, or choose to be present. Being present allows us to access the human resources of power, presence and communication. This is the of the Warrior.

2. Pay attention to what has heart and meaning.

Paying attention opens us to the human resource of Love, Gratitude, Acknowledgment and Validation. This is the way of the Healer.

3. Tell the truth without blame of judgment. Nonjudgmental truthfulness maintains our Authenticity, and develops our inner visioning intuition. This is the way of the Visionary.

4. Be open to the outcome, not attached to the outcome. Openness and non-attachment help us recover the human resources of wisdom and objectivity. This is the way of the Teacher.


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