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Play on All 4s

Updated: Mar 10

The Life Energy Map is a navigational tool for playing The Game of Life. It guides us to Play on All 4 Human Dimensions: Physical~Emotional~Mental~Spiritual. We each express these 4 areas in our own unique way, which in turn, determines who we are, what we look like, how we act, the choices we make, etc...

I refer to these 4 human aspects as our Inner Real Estate because we take up residence inside ourself and operate from these stakes in the ground.

The biggest challenge is that the stakes/ideas/beliefs got planted in our childhood. We are told who we are & what the world is from the moment we emerge. By the time we're adults, this "conditioning" is our default settings that prevent us from Expanding into The Greater Awareness of who we are and what the world is in 2024 & beyond.

The Life Energy Map is both an Invitation and a Permission Slip to Play on All 4s! This simple tool opens our Perception and Expands The Playing Field of your Life Experience.


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