Wings of Grace

OK, one might call these a bit whimsical:) Yet these gorgeous, sensual wings are supremely empowering! Stretch lace arm gloves w/ cascading iridescent silk chiffon are an energy tool must. Connect to your creative energy with Peace, Power & Grace.

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Wear them to holiday parties, high tea, dance class and practice your skills.

Don your wings and fly with your Spirit. Enter the magical, mystical realms and be renewed! Here we practice opening our hearts, trusting our compassion and listening to our Soul Song.

Wings Activation:) Your upper back and arms will be gloriously toned if you FLY, three times a week for 15 minutes, to your favorite mantras. A group of larks is called An Ecstasy! Let's imagine ourselves as these graceful creatures, flying with the enlightened vision of peace that we all carry, deep within our souls. Whether solo or together, we move as a sisterhood devoted to the Path of Beauty.

A guaranteed "snap out of it" energy tool:) Use as needed to reconnect to Joy and lighten your perspective.

Type: Wings

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