Peace wave Scarf~ Iridescent silk chiffon

This Power Peace instantly connects us to the flow of Beauty, wisdom and peace. Add it to any look and know inside that you are connecting to your inner peace which then flows through you and into the world. Take a moment and feel into what peace sounds and looks like inside of you. Breathe in this luscious, vital, creative energy as you wrap your MindBodySpirit in this wise graceful power. Be still and know that you are sending waves of peace into the world! 

Iridescent Silk Chiffon is a weave of 2 colors which creates a shimmering light effect. Available in an array of light spectrums, each color way activates specific qualities to balance and strengthen our energy field.   72" x 11" with glass crystals tied at each of the 4 corners

Type: Layering

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