Energy vibration: Green invokes growth, fresh life force, physical health

Stone Wisdom: Chrysophrase seeds/green onyx ovals/tanzanite seeds.

Style:  Spiral Wrap~  Single or multiple wrap around your neck for growing your voice and wrist for enhancing your creativity. By integrating the Spiral energy pattern into our awareness, we activate the process of growth.

PowerPeace Intention: I desire Growth. I feel it in my MindBodySpirit and am ready for new life experiences. I surrender to my breath daily. It teaches me to Be Clear with myself and others. Grounded in the Stillness of Earth, I access my creative nature, listen to my inner guidance and act with loving intention toward myself and others. AND get a lot done in one day! or not:)  

Movement Meditation: The Fluid Spiral

Spiraling in our fluidity is the secret code to our infinite malleable nature. As  Energy Beings, we are renewed by the universal energy pattern of the spiral. Learn to turn Magic's doorknob and enter a MindBodySpirit state of Freedom thru Flow. Invite Spiral into your life and be mystified!

Energy Practice: Read first, then close eyes to practice

Picture your cells like budding green leaves, feel a warm gentle rain shower upon you as the sun's potent rays shine into you. Breathe your cells alive into a Symphony of Light. On the Inhale radiate this Light out from your core into the energy field surrounding you. Surrender to the exhale, as it carries your energy back to the core. Enjoy this ebb and flow of energy as you energize your energy system with new life force! After 3 or more breaths, bring one hand to your heart and the other to your belly. Speak the Power Peace Intention, sealing it into these 2 Power Centers.

Type: Unknown Type

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