Shakti Shield~ Prints

O da' Booty! We love you. Yet sometimes, not so much. You move us thru time and space. You sit us still and dance us, if we allow.

Our hips, booties and sexual organs are the center that generates our creativity and sensuality. It also stores and holds emotional patterns in our MindBodySpirit.

Age old patterns of shaming this area of our body, can be lodged here. Causing confusion and fear, resulting in sexualizing or repressing our body, we are unsure of ourselves. 

Shakti Shields are Power Peaces that invite and inspire us to Free da' Booty & remember more of our true nature. Wear this energy tool with an intention to listen, explore and experience the "Hip Wisdom" that lives within our body and breath. 

Wear over VISTARA Wave Pants (or any yoga/dance pant) to add a layer of protection and power to this potent 2nd Chakra Energy Center, a power shield, of sorts. Their other super powers include: swim suit cover-up and sexy lingerie:)

This style of Shakti Shield is a angled across the bottom and comes in various cotton/lycra/poly knits


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