Hip Skirts~ Assorted Black

Learn to use the shield and you’ll never have to use a sword:)

Shakti is the Sanskrit name for our Divine Feminine creative power. She is both the mother of creation, as well as, the agent of all change. We carry this potent energy within our hips, booties and especially our sacred chalice. Aka sex organs which is a much too boring and limiting name, as this is where all creation occurs! Hardly just an anatomical term.

The Shakti Shield is an energy tool that empowers us to contain our creativity, sensuality, and sexuality so that we honor and use our Divine Feminine power consciously. By no longer leaking this potent energy, we heal the age old patterns of shame, exploitation, repression, confusion and disempowerment.

Wear over your yoga/dance pants and own it Sister!

This style of Shakti Shield is angled across the bottom with a side slit.

Type: Unknown Type

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