Radiance Flow Vest~ Fire

We have 4 bodies of intelligence: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. Energy healers refer to this as our PEMS. The relationship between these bodies creates our overall energy pattern known as our aura/electromagnetic field. In energy medicine, the vibrational frequency emitted by our aura is referred to as our Radiance and it determines our health. 

By checking in daily with ourselves on these 4 aspects, we become aware of the quality of energy inside ourself. Often we are taught to ignore these inner sensations and push them out of our mind. Where does this unwanted energy go? While we sense that it doesn't just go away, we are often unsure of how to release it. Left unattended, it embeds inside our cells, slows down our PEMS systems, and causes disease.

One of the easiest ways to flip our electromagnetic current into a positive flow is through Color, Beauty and Breath. The Radiance Flow Vest is a fantastic energy tool that lights up our awareness and inspires our radiance. Wear this exquisite river of silk and practice increasing your radiance to boost your immune system and your passion for life.

Available in 12 colors to Light your way. 

The FIRE collection: Garnet, Tangerine Dream, Violet Flame, Golden Fire



Type: Layering

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