Power Peace Activation

The first step is to cleanse and purify your Power Peace. This helps restore  the crystalline vitality of the gemstones. Clearing energy from our Power Peace and then reprograming it with an intention takes a matter of minutes yet creates a potent energy field around our MindBodySpirit.


  1. Hold the PP in your hands about 2 feet away from your face. Beam the Light from your Mind’s Eye (6th chakra, also known as the Third Eye). Focus your Breath and Inner Light into the gemstones. Imagine you are energetically emptying the trash/buildup into a receptacle below your hands.
  2. Place your PP outside in a safe place to infuse it with Elemental Life Force. Let the sun shine into it, the wind blow through it and the moon glow on it. Please note, too much direct sun can fade the crystal's color. 
  3. Reprogram* by stating your intention as you gaze into the gemstones. Your Power Peace is now ready to be worn or displayed in your environment. It will subtly attune the energy around you with beauty, clarity and vitality. It works like a protective shield.
  4. Repeat monthly to keep your PP at optimum potency. 
  5. To reprogram, hold your PP, concentrate on it and say out loud: "I dedicate this PP to the highest good of all." Then from your heart, state your prayer and/or intention and feel the vibration enter the gemstone. In this way, your PP serves as an energy tool that keeps you aware of Energy and focused on your goals and desires so they manifest in the world.
  6. Practice cleansing and clearing your MindBodySpirit Energy