About Vistara

 *VISTARA clothing is on sabbatical as Colleen pens her 1st book where she shares her favorite power practices for exquisite well being. 

One of the greatest treasures for Colleen over the many years of designing clothing* and jewelry, is the heartfelt connections and passionate exchanges she shares with her clientele. Affectionately referred to as her muses, these beautiful women inspire her art.

Our Power Peace necklaces invoke the magic and wisdom of the ages through the vibrational energy emitted by the stones. By "Tuning In" to the stones, we learn to Tune Into ourself. This cultivates our Power and our Peace. Each necklace carries its own unique energy signature based upon the stones/crystals. We offer a brief description of these qualities in our product description and you can explore more thru crystal books and online sources. 

Occasionally, a necklace breaks. Often this signifies that an old cycle has completed and you are ready for a new chapter or even book to begin. We can offer an upgrade/repair for a nominal fee. Please contact us to discuss the options. And possibly a whole new Power Peace would serve you best! Clearing, reprogramming and reactivating your Power Peace monthly works wonders in preventing breakage.

We aspire to create clothing* and jewelry that lives for many years as it cultivates your Peace, Power and BodyMindSpirit Growth.