What is a PowerPeace?

A PowerPeace is an energy tool that focuses and refines our awareness. Wise Women have a long history of being in relationship with Stones. Known as Record Keepers, these crystalline structures carry vibrational patterns that interface with our energy system. They help us remember how to be in relationship with energy as they polish our Intuitive Vision with Clarity.

Working with our PowerPeace is a form of energy medicine. One of the skills we learn is attunement:

Deep Listening + Tuning In = Claiming your Power & Peace = Self~Mastery

Whether you already practice or are just remembering to align your thoughts, words and actions: WELCOME! We look forward to teaching, guiding and inspiring your Energy Awareness skills. Used regularly, we craft a lifestyle that cultivates OUR GLOW!!! Remember: Turning on Our Inner Light ignites Our Power & Our Peace:)

Energetically CHARGE the everyday task of "getting dressed" with a PowerPeace that connects you to your purpose-filled passion.

Peruse the 2019 collection, Claim your PowerPeace. Develop your relationship to energy. RESTORE yourself and Re-ENCHANT our world with Beauty.

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