Crystal Care & Use

Many crystals are fragile or friable. If you drop them or clink them together, they can break or fracture. This teaches one of their most important lessons: handle with exquisite awareness. Some are water soluble and light sensitive (color fades in prolonged direct sunlight). Polished surfaces or natural points are easily scratched or damaged. Tumbled stones are more durable.

When not in use, wrap them in a silk or velvet scarf or bag. Store them apart to prevent breakage. This prevents scratching and protects them from absorbing energy from the environment. However, if you are using them for this purpose, to absorb negativity or dissonance, make sure you cleanse them regularly to keep them at optimal capacity.

Because crystals absorb and emit energy (this explains how), they need to be cleansed upon buying or receiving them and after wearing or using them for energy work. 

Cleansing and reactivating our crystalline energy tools on a regular basis restores their vitality and potency. This is yet another energy skill that the crystals teach us: Our bodies also "take on" energy that is not ours. As we practice and learn how to clear energy from crystals, we can then apply the same principles to clear energy (actually can be done with and/or without crystals) from our MindBodySpirit.

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There are several ways to do this. Research online as there is lots of info. However I prefer the following two methods which are energy based:

  1. Place the crystal outside in a safe place. Let the sun shine into it, the wind blow through it and the moon glow on it. Please note, too much direct sun can fade the crystal's color and too much wind, they can fall & break. Always in the mood for moonlight yet frigid temps can make them extra fragile.
  2. Hold the crystal in your dominant hand about 2 feet away from your face. Use your exhale to direct your Mind's Eye Light thru your Third Eye Center into the crystal. (learn more about this energy center of Vision)
  3. Sharpen your focus like a laser, as you breathe and shine energy into and thru the crystal. As you energetically clear the stale, stagnant buildup, see this old, often negative and dull energy evaporate into Light, off to be repurposed!
  4. Repeat this "energy rinsing" a second time, using your non-dominant hand. To complete, hold the crystal in both hands while beaming it with the fresh Light of your updated intention/prayer/mantra. This is often referred to as reprogramming your crystal.
  5. Once cleared, a crystal can now be programmed for a specific purpose by clearly stating what that is. Holding the crystal in your hands, concentrate on it and say out loud, ‘I dedicate this crystal to the highest good of all'. Then with whole-heartedness, state your intention. Close your external looking eyes and use your inner vision to see and feel the vibrations of your intention entering the crystal.
  6. This practice often works miracles if you use it consistently with prayerful devotion. In this way crystals serve as energy tools that help us focus and direct our creative energy to manifest goals/desires, to healing/balancing outdated habits/energy patterns. 
  7. Your VISTARA Power Peace is now ready to be worn or displayed in your environment. It works by subtly attuning the energy field around you and your environment with beauty, clarity and vitality. Its effects are amplified, the more you take note of them and their beautiful presence.  
  8. Over time you will begin to sense how they work as protective shields, showering us and our environment with Blessings of Balance, Beauty, Benevolence and Abundance. This leads to their next gift: positive outlook, clear mind, vital breath and calm, clear presence.  
  9. And yet, to another gift: They teach us to generate, accept and respect abundance as we learn to recognize its many forms
  10. To learn how to use crystals to clear "old" energy from your MindBodySpirit, click here