About Colleen

Yogini~Designer~Energy Guide

Colleen's love for color, sewing and nature began at an early age and has inspired her path for over 40 years. A true artisan, she has devoted her life to living in the creative spirit. Colleen designs clothing & jewelry to connect with our Inner Light.
Born out of a desire to merge MindBodySpirit practices, energy awareness and adornment, VISTARA emerged. It began as a Boulder, Colorado local brand adorning many of the Front Range's top yoga/dance teachers, and has expanded to a dazzling group of Goddesses far and wide.
Our clothing carries a devotional tone and inspires us to cultivate our Inner and Outer Radiance. Devoted, creative, wise women are Colleen's inspiration!
Beautiful, fashionable and comfortable, each piece of clothing and jewelry is referred to as a Power Peace. An energy tool that supports us to connect and align with our true power of peace and compassion.

VISTARA Power Peaces support us to embody our deepest dreams and highest visions. We shift our perception of "getting dressed" into the sacred art of adornment. By "Dressing our Divinity" with devotion, we connect to our Soul's purpose and shine our Radiance.

A yogini, meditator and lover of the infinite Light within, Colleen has studied many energy movement forms and loves teaching how to balance and heal our energy using clothing, jewelry and crystals.

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