Wings of Grace

Synchronize the 3 rhythms: Heartbeat, Brain Waves & Breath.

The Winged Ones of Grace are now landing upon this Sacred Earth! WE are the ones that see thru the ONE EYE of LOVE. We venture beyond the illusion of separation and the surface of the material world. We are the ones who embody and express Unity and Harmony through Compassion. We heal the drama of pain, suffering & destruction by recognizing our interconnection with all beings in this web of life.

USE YOUR WINGS to release the heavy, dense burdens from your soul.

3 minutes seated flapping. 3 minutes free flying. 3 minutes Stillness.

Repeat as needed to uplift your Spirit!

Whimsical, sensual and powerful, these laced arm gloves w/ cascading iridescent silk chiffon are an energy tool must!



Wings of Grace
Wings of Grace $58.00
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