2017 Peace Collection

Purify and clarify with creams and whites. As a contemplative practice, wear only white/cream for an entire day. Try it once a week or once a month and experience its cleansing and uplifting effects. Wear white when you need clarity and courage to follow your intuitive spirit.
Shanti Tunic & Flow Pant
Shanti Tunic & Flow Pant $88.00
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Thermal Tunic
Thermal Tunic $68.00
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Cream Zen Wrap
Cream Zen Wrap $128.00
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Wave Yoga Pant
Wave Yoga Pant $78.00
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Moonstone Drop w/ Tanzanite
Moonstone Drop w/ Tanzanite $148.00
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Purification PowerPeace
Purification PowerPeace $225.00
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