Radiance Wisdom

December 12, 2015

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HIP Wisdom

Who goes there? Deep down there into those dark places. The hips and their 2nd Chakra contents of sensitivity, sensuality and creativity, ebbing and flowing our desires, emotions, survival instincts and judgments. 

Quite the heavy scene, we can get pulled under by this dangerous mess. Yet we can only avoid it for a certain amount of time.  Enevitably, it surfaces. Often in surprising and shocking ways.

This is why we journey, into our self, to discover, explore and integrate more of our true Self. Hips will take you there.

Sit comfortably in cross legged seated position with hands pressing isometrically in prayer position at the Heart Center. Begin rocking the hips forward and backward creating a rhythm. Connect your breathe to this rhythm and ride the waves.

Draw energy up your back body with the inhale & exhale it down the front to create an energy pattern of inspiration & liberation in your MindBodySpirt.

To create grounding and manifestation energy, reverse the direction, by inhaling energy up the front body, exhaling down the back.

This Energy Center teaches and guides us to take responsibility for our creations. VISTARA Booty Covers were designed to connect and empower us with HIP Wisdom.