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December 12, 2015

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HIP Wisdom

Who goes there? Deep down in those dark hidden places of our subconscious. The hips and their 2nd Chakra contents of sensitivity, sensuality and creativity, ebb and flow our desires, emotions, survival instincts and judgments. 

Quite the heavy scene, we can get pulled under by this dangerous mess. Yet we can only avoid it for a certain amount of time.  Inevitably, it surfaces in our life, often in surprisingly shocking ways.

This is why we journey, into our self, to discover, explore and integrate more of our true Self. Hips will take you there.

Sit comfortably in cross legged seated position with hands pressing isometrically in prayer position at the Heart Center. Begin rocking the hips forward and backward creating a rhythm. Connect your breathe to this rhythm and ride the waves.

Draw energy up your back body with the inhale & exhale it down the front to create an energy pattern of inspiration & liberation in your MindBodySpirt.

To create grounding and manifestation energy, reverse the direction, by inhaling energy up the front body, exhaling down the back.

This Energy Center teaches and guides us to take responsibility for our creations. 

September 25, 2013

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VISTARA Power Peaces

At VISTARA, we refer to our clothing and jewelry as Power Peaces. We are devoted to creating Beauty by living in Beauty. A sacred path that's part of our indigenous ancestry, whereby, we cultivate awareness through MindBodySpirit principles and practices. Understanding that we become our thoughts, words and behaviors, we create clothing and jewelry as energy tools to focus our mind to LET IT SHINE! The main purpose of a VISTARA Power Peace is to harness our energy by coming into relationship with it. We create clothing and jewelry for your "Body Temple" and offer Pearls of wisdom to remind and inspire you! We are here to manifest the qualities we aspire & desire to experience in ourselves and our world.

  VISTARA Power Peace Elements

 Artisan craftsmanship- The touch of skillful hand and creative heart energizes our clothing & jewelry with that indescribable quality we call SOUL. As artisans, we aspire to spark this sensation of creative power within you, our muses. 

 Peace- Dedicated and devoted to the wisdom of awareness, we notice our impact on others and the Earth. Using our sensitivity of perception, we bless our relationships and our planet by taking responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions. We are all consumers and producers. Let's buy and sell Peace, Love and Chocolate:) 

 Honor Sensuality-  as a gateway to vitality. Diving into our warm animal body, we find a connection to what's real. In an automated world, this vulnerable part of ourself is a vital breath of authenticity. Our "sexuality" expands into all of our energy centers and fuels the creative power that we use to rule our world. Yes, rule:) For at our highest potential, we are masters of energy. 

 Self Love- BEauty is an inside job. We are motivated us to be accountable for our own well being and to lovingly take care of ourselves when we are devoted to Love of self and other. Adornment infused with intention brings purpose and meaning into us and keeps us on task. Shine the Divine! And your path will always be well lit!

Energy Awareness~ When alignment merges with awareness, energy flows. This resonant, vibrating field has the energetic power to create states of well being. Crystalline gemstones have the exquisite ability to adorn our outer appearance yet also attune our energy body with its sacred geometrical structure and innate intelligence.

 Empowered Purpose~ gives our life meaning. When we feel, deep in our bones, a reason for being, we feel alive and joyful. Clearing our path of "who we are not" is the way to discover who we truly are. Adorn your MindBodySpirit Temple with passion and purpose!