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November 27, 2016

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Light on BEauty

Vistara is devoted to the power and wisdom of BEauty (when you BE, you experience beauty). BE connected, BE tuned into energy, BE a loving presence in this world. There is a deep vast BEauty that lives beyond our swirling thoughts, and it is not affected by the outer world. It's a BEauty that shines in the stillness and listens to the silence of infinite awareness. This BEauty has the power to heal, balance and renew. We have the capacity to connect to this power and experience deep peace.

Cultivate the Qualities of BEauty in your Thoughts and Actions

Imagine something Beautiful. Think of one quality that comes to mind when you feel into this beautiful image. With your writing hand, spell that quality in the air as if there was a piece of paper in front of you. Begin using this quality as a guiding Light by weaving it into your life. Use it when you dress, walk, cook, drive, eat, everything!

Live in BEauty awareness and experience both the subtle and bold vibrations that take you beyond trends into the vast expression of Heart and Soul. Walk in BEauty and experience the adventure of living a life of devoted connection.

Over time, we realize that it's devotion itself that makes us beautiful. What are you devoted to?