Power Peace Activation

The following process is a sequence of energy practices that transforms your Vistara necklace into a Power Peace. Both by restoring the crystalline vitality of the gemstones and becoming aware of their vibration, we learn to create a potent energy field around our MindBodySpirit.

Step/Lesson 1:  Establishing Connection

To open communication with Energy, we must first focus our energy. This is easily accomplished by placing our attention on our breath and creating a rhythmic pattern of inhaling energy up the spine, exhaling it down. Let your mind relax and become absorbed in this current. 

Step/Lesson 2:  Clearing Energy

From this relaxed aware state, hold the PP in your hands about 2 feet away from your face. Imagine a beam of Light emanating from your Third Eye. Yes, we each have an inner eye that sees energy! It's located in the upper center of our skull and extends out thru our forehead. This practice helps us to remember how to see and direct energy.

Focus your Breath and Inner Light into the gemstones. Imagine the stagnate energy empties into a trash receptacle below your hands

Step/Lesson 3:  Infusion & Programming

Place your PP outside in a safe place to infuse it with Elemental Life Force. Let the sun shine into it, the wind blow through it and the moon glow on it. (please note, too much direct sun can fade the crystal's color)

Reprogram* by stating your intention as you gaze into the gemstones. Make your intention simple and repeatable. Even write it down. 

Your Power Peace is now ready to be worn or displayed in your environment. It will subtly attune the energy around you with your intention. It works like a an energy organizer as it keeps your intention alive even when you forget about it. It also works as a protective shield to keep interference patterns at bay. And mostly, it serves as your guide to stay focused and clear about creating your life. (which we do with our thoughts, feelings, words & actions)

Repeat monthly to keep your PP at optimum potency. 




Colleen Vistara
Colleen Vistara


Colleen Vistara is a Singer/Songwriter~Yogini~Clothing/Jewelry Designer She is devoted to Wisdom teachings, Creativity and Energy Movement.