Wear Peace, Power & Grace

Our sexuality is our life force. It carries the greatest power of all: babies. Adding new members to our species & bringing immense joy, babies renew us with their purity. We were each that, if only for a very short time, or if, we were a "lucky one", whose childhood Joy was longer lasting.  

However, eventually, we all face "growing up" in our own way. With its challenges and heavy responsibilities, it forces us to learn. In these moments, we can grow wiser, make better choices and gain strength and power.

Or these very life situations can become a super- absorbent sponge of stress and tension, sucking our life force energy dry. When this happens, we become numb to our self and the living creatures co-existing all around us. We no longer revel in Joy. We loose the ability to use our own provocative nature to replenish our wells of health and happiness.

Herein, lives the wisdom and healing power of our sexual energy. We can use it to  renew, regenerate and recreate ourselves. This is true empowerment.

Now that we no longer live in the pre-historic paradigm of our species survival being at stake, humans have a greater purpose beyond "lookin' hot and sexy and "getting the guy/girl". Yet this survival program continues to be the prevalent paradigm operating and telling us "this is how things are". It's pervades our societal messages, telling us how to dress and act.

These collective agreements greatly affect our ability to be clearly connected to our true nature and to know our true self. We can easily get lost in the sexy well-produced media illusions that contribute to our misperceptions of what's important.

Clothing plays a big part in this confusing paradigm. As women, we are taught to over focus on our physical form and its sex appeal. Our slim waist, big bosoms, fat butts and bellies, flat chests, thick thighs and how we dress them up or down becomes an obsession.

Eventually this becomes quite exhausting, monotonous and meaningless to us and our environment, which gets hammered by the mountains of cheap clothing made with slaved hands.

Yet all of this IS our creative sexual energy at work, chaos and play!

What we don't quite realize is that we have, coded within us, the power to harness this energy and use it to create new paradigms. We are creative power contained within a MindBodySpirit form! We gain access to this magical, mystical energy field by activating our awareness. A meditative mind witnesses itself. The ability to see one's own insanity and brilliance, is a gateway to the Stars.

With the daily practice of embodying our Peace, Power & Grace, we connect and align to the Brilliant Light within. This guides us beyond the ever-changing, impermanent world that acts like "bait", hooking us into our fearful pain body.

We can transform our perceptions. One of the most potent shifts is to accept our body as a temple. We then recognize that this sacred MindBodySpirit landscape, is the receptacle that collects the energy behind every thought, word and action. It is a perfect reflection of who we are on the inside. Our bodies hold our personal beliefs, family stories and cultural myths.

Bodies do not lie. They reveal our eating and thinking habits, as well as our emotional and mental patterns. We can actually see all of this in one another, by looking honestly, without judgment, into the energy field that surrounds each person. We do it all the time, yet on a deeply sub-conscious level. We sift thru this invisible information and use it to make our choices and take action.

To gaze into ourself at this level is a highly evolved skill that we are each capable of developing. This "super-ability" enriches us with the Light of Awareness. By activating this meditative, contemplative MindBodySpirit state, we recognize our own sexual creative energy as "the right stuff" that can balance and heal us.

No longer identifying with the physical world as my true self, I AM the Light of  Spirit which sparked me into being. I'm here to cultivate a peaceful power and a powerful peace within myself and my world. 

NOW "I don't have anything to wear!" takes on a whole new meaning. 

While clothing provides protection and fashion, both extremely essential, what we truly wear are the qualities of being that we cultivate inside ourselves. 

Enter VISTARA Power Peaces.  Beautiful, fashionable and comfortable, each "peace" of clothing and jewelry is an "energy tool" that inspires us to connect and align with our essential nature. This leads to our peace and power.

Embracing our soft, warm, delicate and sensitive body with our technological wizardry, we are guided by our meditative, awakened mind. We have the courage to release excess, surrender the survival instinct and grow beyond the anxiety of separation.

We consciously embody Light in our own creative energetic way. With elegant simplicity, we are abundantly rich within nature's wisdom. We honor clean air, water and soil above a closet full of cocktail dresses.

I wear Peace, Power & Grace.





Colleen Vistara
Colleen Vistara


Colleen Vistara is a Singer/Songwriter~Yogini~Clothing/Jewelry Designer She is devoted to Wisdom teachings, Creativity and Energy Movement.