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The Power Peace Collection

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What is a Power Peace? A "peace" of clothing and/or jewelry that carries vibrational energy.

 It charges us up, when we put it on! It inspires us to shine!



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Crystal Attunements

December 22, 2015

How does crystal energy work?The human body is composed of an intricate network of pathways and channels that flow fluids, breath and electromagnetic energy.  Everyone's MindBodySpirit emits an energy field caused by this circulating flow. Our energy field and its flow is easily influenced by outside forces, our internal thoughts and emotions. Often these influences throw us off our center and disrupt the flow of life force energy which can cause imbalances that turn into blockages. When our energy bodies become too clogged with these blocks we begin to feel drained, run down and uninspired. A Crystal Attunement works like a tuning fork that vibrates into the blockages causing them to release stagnant buildup, as well as, outdated mental/emotional patterns. This opens up...

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